The Actionable Book Club
Making ideas Actionable. Monthly.


  • What

    What is the Actionable Book Club?

    Members of the Actionable Book Club:

    • read a book of their choice monthly for six months,
    • write a short summary based on their favorite takeaway from that book,
    • and then convene for a monthly mastermind call with a diverse group of individuals who all share a common thread—a love of learning and putting that learning into action.


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  • Is the ABC right for me?

    Do you…

    • Love business and professional development books hot off the press—and often before they hit shelves??
    • Want to carve out time to read and learn more?
    • Have a constant desire for learning, and making that learning actionable?
    • Have a way with words and enjoy putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)?
    • Want opportunities to connect directly with your favorite authors?

    If you answered yes to all of those questions, we’re inviting you to be part of the exclusive 25 member Actionable Book Club tribe!

  • What do I receive as part of my Actionable Book Club membership?

    Now for the fun part! As part of your $149 membership to the Actionable Book Club, you’ll receive:

    • A total of 6 books (chosen from a pool of the hottest new and upcoming releases), arriving one per month on your doorstep
    • Professional editorial support to help polish and hone your writing
    • An instant audience! Your work will be promoted across our social media channels, including our 30,000+ Twitter followers and may also be featured in our weekly digest
    • A monthly online mastermind call where you can connect with you fellow ABC members and discuss what you gleaned from the book you read and hold one another accountable
    • Access to a closed Facebook group exclusively for members and alumni where you can chat in between calls and discuss what you’re reading

  • Why?

    Why is the ABC so special?

    With a focus on learning and putting that learning into action, the Actionable Book Club isn’t your traditional book club.

    Many of us have the best of intentions and want to make reading a part of our regular routine. With the ABC you’re guaranteed to read a book a month and hey, maybe it will inspire you to read even more.

    We also differ from traditional book clubs in that our members don’t all read the same book (how boring is that?). Instead we each read a different book based on our own passions and interests.

    In the past, members have used their tenure in the ABC to broaden their learning in a specific area of their own career, or to learn something completely new—or a mixture of both.

  • How?

    How does this club work?
    Details, please!

    You choose the books you want to read from our curated list of the hottest new releases! Regardless of what you read, by unpacking a takeaway in your summary you take the learning (and understanding) to a deeper level.

    And last but not least, writing a summary a month is also a great way for you to hone your writing skills.

Join the Waitlist!

Applications for the next round of the Actionable Book Club will open in November 2017! Please register your interest below and we’ll let you know as soon as applications reopen (or if there are any places immediately available).

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